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    Salvador Dali ~ “The Sandman (Hans Christian Anderson Tales)”, 1966

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    Vision Through the Colored Eyes of the Horse fly - Haematopota pluvialis

    The conspicuous eye-color patterns of tabanid flies have been frequently portrayed. The eye colors originate from cornea color filters, which, on the one hand, cause colorful reflections and, on the other, alter the spectral composition of transmitted light.

    The green/orange eyes of female Haematopota pluvialis (Diptera - Tabanidae) have four horizontal irregular dark brown stripes. The green/orange eye regions consist of a number of facets almost equal to the dark brown eye regions. Intermediate areas of red facets are small in extension. The spatial pattern of males is female-like, but reduced in size, and shifted to the ventral half of the compound eye. 

    It has been hypothesized that the external appearance of compound eyes, caused by the colorful reflections from the facets, serves as an intraspecific communication signal. And also the flies could benefit from the wavelength-specific, reduced transmission in terms of an improved perception of visual signals.

    Reference: [1]

    Photo credits: [Top: ©Lukas Jonaitis | Locality: Lithuania, 2011] - [Bottom: ©Eddie The Bugman | Locality: Willford, England, United Kingdom, 2014] 

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    ♡ comuse and fes caprisjez bras ♡

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    African Pygmy Goose - Nettapus auritus

    The African pygmy geese, Nettapus auritus (Anseriformes - Anatidae) are a group of very small “perching ducks” which breed in the Old World tropics. They are the smallest of all wildfowl. 

    Females have a white face with some grey spots, and obvious black areas beneath the eyes. The face of the male is more obviously white, and has green areas. The bodies of both have a tinge of red on the under carriage, with green markings on the rest of the body.

    Nettapus auritus has a widespread distribution, ranging from Senegal to Ethiopia southwards (except SW Africa) and Madagascar.

    References: [1]

    Photo credit: ©Ian White (CC BY-ND 2.0) | Locality: North-West, Botswana (2010)

    Reminds me of geese on AE tomb paintings

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    Art history meme | 5/6 themes or series or subjects

    Sky at night

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    Van Gogh’s Flowers

    Flowers in a Vase, 1887

    Vase of lilacs, daisies and anemones, 1887

    Vase with Cornflowers and Poppies

    A Vase of Roses, 1890

    Almond Branches in Bloom, 1890

    Bowl with Sunflowers, Roses and Other Flowers, 1886

    Sunflowers, 1888

    Still Life Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers 2

    Red Poppies and Daisies

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    hello if you are confused or uncomfortable today please gaze at these kittens

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    Tamas Nyari

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    Matsuri No Hi  (1981)

    Kazuo Shiraga

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    Alan Davie (Scottish, 1920-2014), Ancestral Spirit, 1955. Oil on board, 59½ x 47½ in.

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    Frank Nitsche (b.1964), KOK-03-2005 (2005), oil on canvas, 170.2 x 200.7 cm. Via Koenig & Clinton.

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    Barnaby Furnas (American, b. 1973), Untitled, 2013. Water dispersed pigment and acrylic on linen, 26 x 34 in.

  15. Robert Plant photographed by Chris Walter, 1971.

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